Please find attached the Timetable for Field Events scheduled for Day 4 - Saturday 25th February and please note the standards we had to set due to the high number of entries.
Entry lists for Day 4 & 5 (relays) are available on Please advise us as soon as possible if any of your individual entries or teams are missing, specifically, only entries submitted on the online Entry4sport portal before the entries closed on Friday last the 16th of February. ONLY QUERIES FOR ENTRIES SUBMITTED ON OR BEFORE THE 12th WILL BE CONSIDERED, NO LATE ENTRIES WILL BE ACCEPTED.
BIB Numbers. 
  • Athletes who competed on Sunday the 12th of February and who are competing again in individual events on DAY 4 MUST be reminded to bring their BIB number.
  • Club officials who collected bib numbers on the 12th  and who are responsible for issuing numbers to their athletes should also be reminded to bring the envelope with any numbers remaining for their athletes competing on Day 4. The name of the person responsible should be made known to the athletes. 
Please send me the names of your club officials today as we need to assign duties. 
Officials should be present and check in at least 1hr prior to the start of their duty and should remain until it is finished. 
Please note, on recent competition days, undue delays were caused when athletes failed to be present in the assembly/call room area at the designated time. It is vital that athletes for track events be in the assembly/call room at the designated time, failure to do so could lead to the elimination of the athlete/team from the competition. 
Field event athletes should report to their event 20 minutes in advance of their start time.
BIB numbers will be issued for Relay teams and these MUST be worn by the last runner.
Clubs with more than 1 team in any age group MUST provide sticky labels with A, B, C to each athlete to place on their vests.
 ONLY athletes and coaches who are wearing authorised wristbands should be present in the warm up area at the designated time, as per the track timetables circulated yesterday. Coaches MUST sign for the wristband at the entrance door, as we MUST be aware of the names of all adults present in the competition area.
Athletes, spectators and coaches should respect the direction. advice and decisions of our voluntary officials at all times.